Depression and anxiety post opiate use...  


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29/06/2018 4:04 pm  


It seems very few get out from under the grip of opiate use without months or yrs of depression. I suppose many of us self medicated depression with opiates to begin with and that's how we got into this trouble in the first place. You should thank your lucky stars and burn a virgin at the stake to your gods if you didn't experience depression post opiates. For me, it's the one symptom that I just can't tolerate in WD. The physical stuff sucks...especially the cold sweats, but there's a bit of excape in warm showers and heating blankets. The depression is impossible to excape from. For me it starts building about the time the physical stuff lets up...the end of week two and begining of week three. I would be SO depressed and anxious without being able to pinpoint the cause. I've only once tried to take my life, and it was during the third day of morphine WD with a party planned for my birthday and work looming in the next couple days. I've always kept my addiction a secret and tried to "woMAN UP" about it. I still keep it a secret....that's why I'm so thankful for this group.
I guess my question is....what has helped others with the depression? I don't like pot, it makes the anxiety worse. Anti depressants I used in the past for yrs, never seemed to do much.(Prozac, bursar,trazadone) The Nerontin I took last jump attempt helped a took the edge off like a couple of beers would. Benzos put me to sleep...nothing else.
I even tried Kratom this last made me shake worse that I already do in WD. I don't believe any amino acids, vitamins, tonics or potions help...I know time is the real answer. Opiates .I hate the fact I'm a addict.

Please help.

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Hi Clint 

Thank you for your question asking what has helped others when they are depressed. It sounds like you've tried both prescribed and non-prescribed medication and have found that the latter can make you feel good in the moment but theres no change in the long term. Often they can make things worse so its unsurprising that after stopping them the anxiety or depression kicks in. I wonder whether you have tried undertaking rehabilitation to address your addictions and then to consider talking therapies by meeting regularly with a psychologist to address these issues?


Take care.