Guru Nanak Dev Ji

ਸਤਿਗੁਰੁ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਪ੍ਰਗਟਿਆ ਮਿਟੀ ਧੁੰਧੁ ਜਗਿ ਚਾਨਣੁ ਹੋਆ

With the emergence of the true Guru Nanak, the mist cleared, and the light scattered all around.

ਜਿਉ ਕਰਿ ਸੂਰਜੁ ਨਿਕਲਿਆ ਤਾਰੇ ਛਪਿ ਅੰਧੇਰੁ ਪਲੋਆ

As if the sun rose and the stars disappeared. The darkness was dispelled.

~ Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran – Pannaa 1, Pauree 27 ~

With Waheguru’s kirpa, here’s some of many timeless lessons that Guruji has compassionately taught me, through various experiences on the journey of life’s ups and downs.


· Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness. Relying on Waheguru has to begin all over again every day as if nothing has yet been done.

· You have to tirelessly make a conscious decision to choose faith whenever fear comes in. Pray because your life depends on it. When you step into the boat of Guru Nanak, Gurbani becomes your oars to lead you through the turbulent storms that arise, to a place of safety. Not only does it give you strength, heal you and stop you from drowning, it elevates you to a divine world of bliss that can’t be reached without being tested.

· No matter how much we think we are going of our own accord, we can’t enter the sanctuary of Guruji without a personal invitation from him. If you take one step towards Guruji, he will take hundreds of steps towards you.

· Conquer your mind, conquer the world. You won’t find peace without going to war with yourself. The closer you stay to Guruji the less darkness will enter your mind and subsequently your life.

· Often, it’s the deepest pain that empowers you to grow into your highest self. To sit with your pain whilst patiently clinging on to the hope that Guruji will shine His light over your life, to lead you out of the darkness, takes inner strength that you won’t be able to find any other way.

· O Nanak, even sitting in your own home, you can meet the Lord, if your mind is in the right place. (Ang 1383, Bhagat Fareed Ji)

· The relationship you have with Waheguru will shape who you are and the quality of your life. It will teach you what everlasting unconditional love truly is which can never be experienced through any other relation in this lifetime.


· In order for Guruji to hear your cry for help you have to do an ardaas with true love and surrender that no one else can help. You then need to wait patiently for his support in full faith. Once he hears your cry for help, he will come to you. He doesn’t look at the type of person you are or what the world thinks. Pay attention to the people around you because he might just be answering your prayers through them.

· An ardaas from the depths of your soul never goes unheard or unanswered and has the ability to transcend your mind from the depths of darkness into light.


· There was a time in my life when I questioned whether Waheguru even exists. Through that period, Guruji never turned his back on me. A while later, through an experience of loss and grief, he taught me that nothing in this world exists but Waheguru. Hukam was unfolding regardless and I had a choice to cling to the hem of his robe with everything I had or let go and fall apart. The most comforting thing that Guruji taught me during that time, is that once he grabs your arm and lifts you out of the pit of darkness, he will never let go. His unconditional love is a powerful force of light and energy that will always guide you back to the home of your own self, no matter how many times or how far you drift away.

· Accepting hukam is one of the hardest and loneliest things to do but it’s also what will bring true peace of mind, especially in the times when life feels more like a burden than a blessing. You can’t get to a place of peace without having to pass through the river of your pain and suffering. Resisting the flow of hukam only makes things harder. The universe will inevitably wash away all that you are meant to let go of and align everything that is supposed to come together in your life.

· Our life is playing out according to our karam (past and present) and only Waheguru has the power to change our destiny. When you start to view life as if He’s orchestrating it, your perspective will inevitably change which will determine your experiences.


· Somehow, forgiveness with love and tolerance accomplishes miracles that can happen in no other way. If you have hurt others or others have hurt you and it’s weighing you down inside, fall at Guruji’s charan and ask for forgiveness. He will take care of it for you, setting you free so you can become and do better for yourself and others.


· Guruji is the ultimate therapist. No matter the test, been gifted with the great good fortune to have the most amazing teacher always by my side, ready to deliver the lesson, to lead me towards the blessings that are destined for me. ⠀

· There is always a higher power at work listening, supporting, and guiding unconditionally, which will always bring you back to a place of gratitude, acceptance and contentment.


· Every person crosses our path for a reason, meticulously designed by God. Have faith in His plan for your wellbeing.

· You can absorb the fragrance and receive the phal of other people’s kamai by being in the company of Gursikhs that are imbued in God’s love. There is immense power of just sitting in sangat amongst simran, kirtan and katha. There will be countless people, who you will never even need to speak to, who will unknowingly and inadvertently support you through some of your hardest times.

When I look back it makes sense how all the darkness has become my greatest blessing for it led me to the door of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s house and continues to do so. He lets me in with open arms, straightens my lekh and fills my life with so much light and peace, even during the inevitable down times. Never underestimate the power of bowing down (matha tekh) at the charan of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

Wishing all an enlightening, peaceful and happy Gurpurab!