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Each student will have to write a report on the passage of the internship, and more than once. According to the classification, the reports are divided into:

  • Educational or introductory (set for the 2nd or 3rd year);
  • Industrial (set in the 4th year);
  • Pre-diploma (given in the last year).

What is an internship report

The report is a material in which the information from the company where you did your internship was processed and structured. The difficulty for each student is writing this report, not only because of the large amount of work and lack of time, but also because the report requires a large array of private information that not every company or organization is ready to provide. For example, students of economic specialties in the report on undergraduate practice must provide information from enterprises on the movement of finance for the previous year. But who will provide such documents? All such information is confidential. It is also necessary to attach a balance sheet to the report on the economic practice at the enterprise - you will not find such information anywhere else.

Order the writing of the practice report and introduction on Editius. website - we take a responsible approach to the fulfillment of your orders, offering you fast and high-quality writing of a given report. We work with university students, preparing reports for all specialties:

  • In medical disciplines;
  • Pedagogy;
  • In economic disciplines;
  • Exact Sciences;
  • Legal disciplines;
  • Tourism, biology, chemistry, hunting, etc.

How to write an internship report

If you don't know how to write a student's internship report, you shouldn't even waste your time on it. The score on the report is very important and significantly affects the final result in the discipline you have passed. That is why it is better to order a practice report on the a website - we will execute it quickly, inexpensively and in a very short time. At the same time, the pre-diploma report will help you in the preparation and writing of the thesis. Well, if you order your thesis, you can save money, because you will already have some of the material ready.
By ordering a pre-diploma report from us, you will receive:

  • A complete and structured material, which will contain all the necessary information about the activities of the enterprise: with a description of the structure of the company, the structure of the department, with an assessment of the effectiveness of its activities, with a description of the problems at the enterprise, if any.
  • Ready-made material, designed in accordance with the requirements of your educational institution;
  • Work with the presence of an introduction and conclusions, all applications with tables, statistics, graphs, glossary, etc 
  • High uniqueness of the practice report - the teacher will never return your work for revision due to low uniqueness, because we do our job well, and we take all points seriously when creating the report.

Additionally,editius attach a testimonial about the internship signed by the head of the department and a diary about the internship completed in accordance with all the rules. If suddenly there is no information about that production on the Internet, it means that we will find a similar company and compile for you truthful, relevant and well-developed material based on approximate data.

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