The Journey So Far

Sarbat Da Bhala - For The Good of Everyone
  • 2015

    SYM timeline 2015 founded.

    Started with instagram posts only


  • 2016

    4 new members joined the growing team

    Coventry Gurdwara drop ins, telephone calls, signposting etc.

  • 2017

    1 new member joined the team

    More drop ins and Gurdwareh and University events.

    London team also joining including those with lived experiences.

  • 2018

    Mental health talks in banks.

    Enhanced it system to due to increase in demand

    2 new members on board.

  • 2019

    6 new members on board.

    101 calls made.

    Events continue in childrens camps, banks, gurdwareh, primary schools.

    Rough runner fundraising event.

    Collaborating with public health England on sikh channel.

    Winners of LoveBrum

    Charity status confirmed