Sikh Research

Research Publications

There are a few research studies that have been published looking specifically at the Sikhism and mental health. We hope this is helpful to the Sikh community as well as healthcare professionals working with Sikhs.

The Sikh model of the person, suffering and healing: implications for counsellors (2004).

Guidance note on dealing with mental health issues and Sikh patients Dealing with mental health issues: Perspectives in Sikhism – UK Sikh Healthcare Chaplaincy Group.

A Sikh perspective on Life-Stress : Implications for Counselling (2005)

Caring for a Sikh patient (2009).

The personalisation of dementia services and existential realities: understanding Sikh carers caring for an older person with dementia in Wolverhampton (2009).

Public awareness, attitudes and beliefs about intellectual disability: a Sikh perspective

Sikhism, spirituality and psychiatry (2012).

Does Guru Granth Sahib describe depression (2013).

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Punjabi Sikhs’ Experience of Caring for a Relative with Dementia

Understanding and awareness of dementia in the Sikh Community (2014).

Constructions of dementia in the South Asian Community (2014).

Implications for clinicians working in memory clinics (2014).

Punjabi Sikhs’ experience of caring for a relative with Dementia (2014).

South Asian women and caring for a family member with dementia: some reflections from the Sikh community in Wolverhampton.

‘A sinking heart’: beliefs about distress in the Punjabi Community (2016) 

Turning to Waheguru: Religious and Cultural Coping Mechanisms of Bereaved Sikhs (2017)