Sarbat Da Bhala - For The Good of Everyone

“We hope to share knowledge about mental health in any way that we can, wherever the opportunity arises – from community centres, to health centres and places of worship”

We regularly offer mental health drop ins at local Gurdware in the Midlands. We have facilitated a number of talks in University settings and other organisations also.

We have a number of events throughout the year so do contact us to find out more or follow us on our Social Media pages. If you would like us to attend and speak at a venue near you then please do not hesitate to speak to us further about this.

Raising Awareness

Giving people a space to think about a variety of mental health difficulties (from understanding what mental health is to thinking about specific issues such as depression and psychosis). We are interested in speaking with communities and health care professionals alike. These can be conducted in English and Punjabi.

'By conquering your mind you will conquer the world!'